Our mantra is simple, “The answer is yes, now what is the question?”
Here we only show you examples of how we can make your charter full of enjoyment and happy memories, but it is our mission to make it memorable. Therefore, our captain, will be more than happy to create an individual charter to meet your requirements and budget.



Full day charter
Departure from our pontoon at Marina D’Arechi from 09:30.

Return to our pontoon at  Marina D’Arechi from 17:30.

*all day charter departure and return times are by prior agreement with our guests.

2/3/4 day charter

Departure from our pontoon at Marina D’Arechi from 11:30

Return to our pontoon at Marina D’Arechi from 17:30
*2/3/4 day charter departure and return times are by prior agreement with our guests.


Check in and embarkation at our pontoon at Marina D’Arechi from 17:00

Checkout and departure from at Marina D’Arechi from 09:00



April 1st to October 31st 2020

Charter from €950 per day plus APA.

Floatel from €550 per day minimum 3 days.



Perhaps you would want to decide first how and where you would like to take lunch before deciding with our captain where you would like to cruise to? Maybe northward for lunch in beautiful Capri after a short stop at Amalfi or Positano, or can we show you the delights of southern Cilento, passing by Santa Maria di Castellabate, the breathtaking Ogliastro Marina, Agnone and on to Palinuro and Marina di Camerota?
As we always like to say, “The answer is yes, now what is the question?”


This is where we can guarantee to provide you with many memories.
Our Captain will spend time with you to decide on an itinerary that provides for your every comfort and expectation.
Once your have decided the choice of your cruise our captain can provide you with the options that balance sea cruising with soaking up the views, food and breathtaking scenery of these gems.
Italy is a gem of a country, rich in both culture and natural beauty,

and its breathtaking islands represent much of its charm.
From glamorous resorts and distinguished culture to magnificent historic cities, dramatic volcanoes, and pure-white secluded beaches, there’s absolutely nothing you can’t find off the dazzling Italian shores.




Widely famous for its beautiful landscapes and natural thermal springs, the volcanic island of Ischia lies in the Gulf of Naples, enclosed by the incredibly blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Ischia is also the name of the island’s main city, which is divided in two different sides: the charming, old-fashioned Ischia Ponte with its towering Aragonese Castle, and Ischia Porto – the modern centre, dotted with numerous bars, restaurants, and elegant boutiques.


It lies in the Bay of Naples as Italy’s most glamorous island getaway, but despite its reputation of being a summer playground for the rich and famous, Capri overflows with culture and natural beauty.


Is a tiny, yet very exclusive island in the Aeolian archipelago, just off the north coast of Sicily. Deprived of traffic and major developments, the island has become a favorite refuge among Europe’s most notable jet-setters, including the Bulgari family, whose summer retreat lies quietly on one of Panarea’s cobblestone footpaths.


The largest of the Pelagie Islands, Lampedusa lies in the Mediterranean Sea as a magical enclave of stunning white beaches, crystal-clear sea, and wild landscapes. Its beautiful coastline features a spectacular mix of rocks, sheer cliffs, small bays, and remote stretches of powdery sands – all lapped by gorgeous azure waters.


Home to one of Italy’s three active volcanoes, Stromboli is part of the Aeolian Islands

and lies in the cobalt waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea,in the north of Sicily.
Thanks to its small size and the lack of tourism, Stromboli is a wonderful destination

for those who like to go off the beaten path.

It only has a couple of beaches, two quaint villages (Stromboli and Ginostra) peppered with whitewashed homes.


The tiniest island in the Gulf of Naples, Procida is brimming with scenic ancient harbors,

pastel-hued houses, and lovely pristine beaches.

It is a quieter, more authentic alternative to the better known Ischia and Capri nearby, and a great place to combine seaside relaxation with culture and unspoilt rural charm.

La Maddalena

Conveniently located off the northeastern coast of Sardinia, Parco Nazionale dell’Arcipelago di La Maddalena consists of 7 spectacular islands, from which La Maddalena is the largest and most appealing. People usually come here for the breathtaking beaches (some of Italy’s best) and shimmering waters that remind of the Caribbean shores, but there’s much more to see and do on the island of La Maddalena.


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